4 February 2022

The country’s environmental authorities have imposed a stoppage on 15 slaughterhouses in the Kiamaiko area. The order comes due to alleged irregularities in the management of discharges and would serve to push companies to move to the Lucky Summer area , in the same district. Here is the new large slaughterhouse which is proposed as a service for 3,000 farmers. The authorities fear that Kiamaiko’s businesses could pollute the Nairobi River. By La Conceria.

The stoppage at 15 slaughterhouses

The NEMAN (National Environment Management Authority) has ordered the closure of 15 slaughterhouses in Kiamaiko. The fear of the authorities is linked to the possible pollution of the Nairobi River. As reported by kenyans.co.ke, the companies in question are located a short distance from the watercourse and some checks have revealed irregularities in the management of discharges. For this reason, on Sunday 30 December the inspectors imposed a closure order, together with the obligation to transfer the activity to the Lucky Summer area within one month. Here stands the Neema slaughterhouse, a structure with a daily slaughtering capacity of between 6,000 and 12,000 and head.

The comment

Among the problems raised by the authorities there are also the methods of storing and transferring the hides to the tanneries. The same tanneries that are now without supplies. “I think the Kiamaiko issue has been a thorn in NEMA’s side for several years. We have given them the order to move to the new site and this is the order that must be applied – NEMA CEO Mamo Boru told Kenyan magazines. We have given the month of February to get organized and move to the new site. There are no extensions. We have engaged them for a long time and now they need to move”.

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