4 February 2022

Ian Banks, Editor of TheSauerReport, joins Deputy Editor Tom Hogarth in the latest episode of ILM’s ‘View from the Top’ podcast series to discuss the highs and lows of 2021 for the global raw materials market, and gives his perspective on what we may expect in 2022.



With more than three decades of raw materials industry experience under his belt, Ian Banks provides his opinions on the biggest takeaways of 2021 when it comes to the leather industry and specifically the raw materials market that supplies it, and how these trends may develop in the coming year. In the podcast he explains what the main market drivers over the past few years have been and the implications for the hides and skins market prices and trends.

The podcast is live now, and you can listen to it via the episode page or your favourite podcast platform.

Link to the podcast: ILM- Insiht into the raw materials market

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