25 January 2022

Organisers of the upcoming IULTCS EuroCongress event are calling for English language abstracts for papers around key leather industry topics. Report by ILM.

Abstracts must be submitted before February 28, 2022. The congress itself is due to take place in Vicenza, in September 2022.

The conference will revolve around four key topics as part of its theme, titled Rinascimento: The Next Leather Generation. These are:

  • Product innovation
  • Innovation of processes
  • New approaches for the development of standardised methods
  • News about environmental developments.

Interested parties are invited to send an abstract and a presentation of their work to the organising committee via the event portal at www.iultcs2022italy.org.

To find out more about the event in September 2022, subscribe to ILM, download our app, and access our most recent magazine issue, January/February 2022, where we spoke to President of the organising committee Dr Giancarlo Lovato about all the plans for the event and why it will be such a pivotal coming together of the European leather industry.

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