20 January 2022

The news from one Italian commentator is that tanneries are feeling the squeeze. They are having their finished order books cut by both the fashion industry and the automotive industry; the former due to a downturn in consumer demand, the latter due to the semi-conductor shortage, which has almost completely halted production in some cases, writes The SauerReport.



The upholstery side (furniture/interiors) of the tanning world is the only sector of the industry that has remained with full order books right up until the end of last year, but even here, there is worry about how the first quarter of 2022 will play out.

Although orders for finished leather are weak, so too is the fresh supply of cattle coming to market within Italy. A recent further cut in slaughter numbers has perhaps come at a good time for the leather industry as well as the hide supply industry, for it has stopped hide prices from further price reductions.

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