7 January 2022

Our ancient forefathers built the first farms from clay and wood. These constructions are technological marvels, as iron tools and equipment w.ere hardly available. It is easy to understand that our ancestors were all about ingenuity and practical solutions, reports One 4 Leather

For example, over the central fire, you would often find a piece of leather or dried hide stretched out.Placing leather or hide over the fire would protect our ancestor’s homes from fire damage. Houses traditionally had thatched roofs made from straw, reeds, leaves or similar materials. Although these materials were readily available, they were very sensitive to catching fire. After all, building one of these ancient farms would often take up to 2 years, and a fire could lay waste to it in 15 minutes.

Leather and hides have natural flame retardant properties and, therefore, hanging these above the fire will catch sparks and help keep heat inside the building. Flame retardancy is a quality in leather we still admire and one of the reasons why it has remained a popular choice for our homes and mobility interiors. The fact that the material had an exceptionally long lifespan doesn’t hurt either of course.

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