4 January 2022

As fashion’s superpower brands recalibrate their retail footprints and prioritise environmental and social advancement, 2022 may be the year of legislation, forcing the industry to take responsibilities for its actions. With governments monitoring how fashion businesses operate, unsustainable practices will come with legal and financial consequences.

Digital scrutiny

New European rules will come into effect sometime in 2022, offering consumers protection for making online purchases. These rules take into account that when shopping online, consumers increasingly make purchases outside of their own countries, and that more and more products and services have digital elements. The ‘legal guarantee’ will thus also apply to products with a digital element, such as services and content.

Mandatory human rights, environmental, and good governance due diligence………………..to read the rest of this article by Don-Alvin Adegeest, click on FashionUnited – Legislation

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