31 December 2021

In 2021, prices for clothing and footwear increased by 10-15%. Analysts of Fashion Consulting Group shared this forecast with Izvestia. The rise in prices is associated with the rise in prices for all components and services that make up the cost of clothing and footwear – fabrics, accessories, transportation, said Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, CEO of Fashion Consulting Group (FCG). Report by Shoes Report.

According to retail representatives, the price of fabric has risen this year by an average of 15%, logistics services – by 20%. It is assumed that the trend for the rise in prices for fashionable goods may continue in 2022, Izvestia writes.

The general director of Infoline-Analytica Mikhail Burmistrov believes that the rise in prices for fashion goods this year was even more significant. “The costumes have increased in price by at least 20%, due to the increase in production and logistics costs. Retailers have only partially managed to compensate for the rise in price by working with the assortment line and optimizing costs,” he says.

According to the estimates of the managing partner of the Econika chain Sergey Sarkisov, the cost of shoes in 2021 increased by 7-15%.

Fashion Consulting Group predicts that the trend for the rise in prices for fashion goods will continue in 2022. According to analysts, next year prices will rise by 15-25%.

Retailers believe that certain categories of goods may rise in price even more significantly. According to a representative of the OR Group, EVA footwear will rise in price by at least 20-30%, since raw materials more than doubled in price over the year. Prices for leather shoes will grow at a more moderate pace – by 5-15%.

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