28 December 2021

Regardless the time of the year, the fashion trends, the place or the style, leather is and will ever be an elegant and sophisticated option for the most different clothes and accessories. Jackets, pants, shoes and purses give a beautiful rustic accent to any look and allow the possibility of a versatile combination.

Did you know?
• Leather lasts longer because it is highly capable of not absorbing liquids and odors.
• Easy to maintain, cleaning any leather item requires only a clean, damp cloth.
• Malleable and at the same time resistant, leather has firmness and easily adapts to any temperature as it is composed of natural fibers that allow the material to breathe.

Impossible to resist, isn’t it?
Viladelco has a leather line for every market need, whether in fashion, interior design, decoration and even PPE.

Count on us!
We combine the best and latest technology with the most effective and responsive processes to deliver the best leather for your business.

Contact us by e-mail [email protected] or Whatsapp +55 51 98206 -4585.

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