13 December 2021

Joel Cohen if Tasman Leather of New Zealand writes that when it comes to aviation leather, it’s not just comfort that manufacturers are looking for. The ability to personalise leather properties in terms of colour and finish is highly advantageous, which exceeds their lofty expectations with a truly impressionable finish for projects no matter the size of the aircraft. For New Zealand manufacturer Flight Interiors, their ingenuity and expertise sees them creating a final product that always exceeds their customers’ expectations. As highly-regarded aircraft soft trim specialists, Flight Interiors is entrusted to carry out VIP and Corporate interior completions for none other than Airbus Helicopters.



For Flight Interiors to be upgrading the Airbus products is a testament to their extremely high level of workmanship. With an outstanding reputation for innovation, integrity and quality, it is essential for Flight Interiors to use premium-quality raw materials that enable them to fulfil the needs of any project. Flight Interiors choose to partner with Tasman Leathers of New Zealand to provide high-quality leather with exceptional durability and high physical properties. The use of leather that originates from grass-fed, free roaming hides is important to Flight Interiors, and partnering with fellow New Zealand company Tasman means they know exactly where their leather is coming from.


Completion of an Airbus Corporate Helicopter is carried out by a combination of skilled professionals at the Airbus facility based on Ardmore Airport, Auckland, New Zealand. Airbus Engineering takes the lead with support from a highly accomplished Avionics Company, while a specialised Paint Service takes care of making the exterior of the helicopter either stand out or be discreet. Flight Interiors complete the package with their bespoke interior, tailored to each client’s individual style — Flight Interiors continue to go above and beyond when it comes to producing a premium product.


Tasman is proud to work alongside a company like Flight Interiors who set high standards for themselves, and then go ahead and achieve beyond that; it’s a kiwi partnership that we hope continues long into the future. To learn more about Flight Interiors, visit their website at www.flightinteriors.co.nz. If you’d like to know more about Tasman aviation leather, click here.

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