30 November 2021

Au Delà du Cuir (ADC – Beyond Leather in English), an incubator body for leather-sector start-ups in France, has chosen six companies to take part in its 2022 programme, writes Leatherbiz.

Nadine bag from Pigeon Coq.

ADC, whose name means ‘beyond leather’, selects a new cohort in the autumn of each year and takes the successful applicants under its wing for up to three years. Criteria for inclusion are that the companies have to be recent start-ups, and to have turnover of more than €50,000 (to be part of the Emergence programme) or €250,000 (for the Growth programme). ADC says that they should make products that are “unusual, desirable and creative”, preferably manufactured in France or another part of Europe.

It also expects the people running each company to be able to show that they are ambitious and have the capacity to run a business and also be part of a team.

Through ADC, the successful companies can then tap into the extensive “knowledge patrimony” that exists in the French leather sector and use it to grow their businesses.

A jury, headed by Karine Arabian, designer and chief executive of Paris-based accessories brand JN Mellor Club, announced the 2022 ADC cohort in mid-November.

The six companies are sneaker brands Philéo and MoEa, and accessories brands Valet de Pique, Michino, Reco and Pigeon Coq.

Of these, the last two have taken a slightly unconventional approach to launching a leathergoods brand. Reco specialises in using deadstock to create its collections, while Pigeon Coq supplies cut leather pieces in a kit for customers to put their own bags together. It also has two workshops in Paris and one in Lyon for instruction and group activity.

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