29 November 2021

Trends - Metcha releases leather trend report

Pro-leather marketing campaign Metcha, launched by Leather Naturally, has released a trend report, comprising an analysis of behavioural movements the Metcha team has been identifying over the last few months, reports ILM.



The document compiles 28 leather-oriented trends that will guide the near future, covering major leather industry related areas including: sustainability, lifestyle, fashion, sneakers, furniture and automotive.

According to Metcha, its efforts to “bring to light” over 500 monthly pieces of content with a “fresh blend of exclusive material produced in partnership with creative exponents and constantly dedicated research performed by a digital native team” puts the organisation in a unique position to identify trends through consistent monitoring and a direct network with brands, designers and creatives who are shaping the world and moving the desire of the end consumer.

ILM columnist Mike Redwood recently praised Metcha for its presentation of the Forward report findings at the Virtual APLF Hello Fall-Winter 22/23 series. You can find the full results of the Metcha Forward report on the Metcha website.

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