26 November 2021

CSCB Sustainability Forum 2021 - Buckman and Sustainability

The company is Silver Sponsor of CSCB Sustainability Forum 2021 and shares an important view on the event and the central theme of debates


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“CSCB Sustainability Forum provides a platform for leaders in the industry to address issues, outline priorities, define metrics, and challenge others to meet the highest standards. When we share success stories and outline visions of a future state, we make commitments to ourselves and help others move forward towards our goal of a more sustainable industry and planet. Buckman is happy to participate and support the CSCB online event coming up on Dec 8 and 9 and demonstrate our commitment to a more sustainable future.


Buckman believes strongly that people matter most. This drives our focus on safety, it covers our operations and how we conduct day-to-day business, and it extends to the communities in which we live and work, our families, and most importantly future generations. This is the core of all aspects of our sustainability practices, and it guides our decisions and actions.


To be successful in business it is very important to listen to our customers and continually evaluate market direction and industry needs. From our own ‘Voice of the Customer’ interviews as well as independent industry surveys, the top three things’ tanners ask of their suppliers is: Innovation, Sustainability, Reduced Cost. True innovation is sustainable and to be successful should deliver savings not only in leather processing cost, but importantly also for the environment. This is what we strive for in our product development and as we assess our offerings and solutions provided to our customers. We need to measure both the ROI (Return on Investment) as well as ROE (Return on Environment) to ensure we are aligned with industry needs.


We look forward to the upcoming event and discussion on the challenges, successes, and new insights from experts working towards improved sustainability of the leather industry.”


Luís Fernando Stertz
Buckman Leather Division Manager – Americas
Information courtesy of CICB Press Office

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