18 November 2021

Investment - Italy interested in investing in Bangladesh’s leather sector

Italian Ambassador to Bangladesh Enrico Nunziata paid a courtesy call on BCIC Chairman Mohammad Mushtaq Hasan at BCIC’s new building in Tejgaon on Sunday (November 14, 2021), writes Leather & Footwear News – Asia

At the same time, besides the leather sector, the country wants to work for the transfer of green technology in a joint venture between Bangladesh and Italy, increase investment and develop joint relations in the future.

In this regard, the BCIC chairman said that Italy wanted to ensure uninterrupted supply of solid waste to the plant if a joint venture waste management plant is set up for the solid waste management of Bangladesh leather industry.

Speaking on BCIC’s 2041 plan, the chairman said if their master plan is implemented, it will be possible to set up 100 eco-friendly industrial parks on 40,000 acres of land across the country.

On the issue of climate, Bangladesh wants to make the industrial enterprises of their future environment friendly. That is why the chairman of BCIC called for Italian investment in the implementation of green technology.

Expressing his country’s attitude in this regard, the Italian Ambassador said that Bangladesh and Italy will work together to transfer green technology, increase Italian investment in Bangladesh and develop joint relations in the future.

Additional Secretary (BCIC, SME and BITAC) Kazi Sakhawat Hossain, members of BCIC Board of Directors and representatives of various electronic and print media were present on the occasion.

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