17 November 2021

ILM Podcast - Taking action on sustainability

In the latest episode of View from the Top, the official ILM podcast, Deputy Editor Tom Hogarth is joined by sustainability and ESG consultant Alexandra Pelka to discuss how we can push forward the efforts in the leather industry and communicate them to key stakeholders.



The free-to-download and listen to episode is live now, and also available on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Podcasts.


Alexandra Pelka works with major fashion brands and groups on the implementation of sustainable technologies and ESG reporting services and helps companies across the supply chain to adapt to given standards, implement timely reporting and integrate sustainability reporting and marketing into their business plans.


Tune in to hear Alexandra’s expert insight on the sustainable future of leather, how we can combat the rise of vegan “alternatives” and whether COP26 really delivered anything for leather and sustainability.


To listen to the latest episode featuring ILM Deputy Editor, Tom Hogarth talking to Alenandra Pelka. Click Taling about Sustainability

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