12 November 2021

Leather - The value of royal endorsement

The value of exposing monarchs, Presidents, Prime Ministers and other key individuals to the benefits of leather cannot be over-emphasised, explains Dr Mike Redwood.

Prince Charles at COP26 in Scotland


When Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, was quoted saying that he wished more people “knew the value of leather” over plastic in the circular economy, an immediate thought came to mind. Only three weeks before, he and Princess Anne spent a remarkably relaxed time taking tea with UK tanner Reg Hankey, CEO of Pittards.

The meeting was to recognise the first students to graduate from courses run by The Prince’s Foundation with accreditation from the City & Guilds, of which Princess Anne is President. Of at least equal importance was the naming of Reg Hankey as a Fellow of the City & Guilds London Institute. This major award is in recognition of his embodiment of the organisation’s core values of leadership, imagination and integrity and having impacted his industry.

Reg Hankey has shown remarkable support for this training organisation, which helps young people learn skills, achieve qualifications and find apprenticeships. It has been exceedingly important work and, in the leather industry, we must acknowledge and appreciate such dedication and not leave it only to our local and national community organisations to do so.

Seeing through greenwash……to read the rest of this article by Dr Redwood, click on ILM – Redwood Comment

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