11 November 2021

United Kingdom – Clarks CEO exits after nine months

Victor Herrero, CEO of British footwear retailer Clarks, has stepped down from his role after just nine months, reports ILM.

Victor Herrero


He will reportedly remain as a director at the company, which has seen several executive level losses recently, including former boss Giorgio Presca.

Chairman Johnny Chen will take on the role of interim Chief Executive until the company can find a permanent replacement.
A Clarks spokesperson told Retail Gazette: “Clarks confirms that Chairman Johnny Chen will now also assume the role of Chief Executive as an interim measure and allow former chief executive Victor Herrero to take on broader responsibilities within the LionRock / Viva China group of companies.

“Victor has done an incredible job in a much shorter than anticipated time and gives us a unique ability to accelerate the next stages of our growth plans. Victor Herrero will remain on the Clarks board.”

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