8 November 2021

Sustainability - PUMA develops biodegradable RE:SUEDE sneaker with Zeology leather

Sports company PUMA has developed an experimental version of its most iconic sneaker, the SUEDE, to test for a product to make it biodegradable. By doing so, PUMA aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable products for a better future. The RE:SUEDE, which uses the latest technology available today, will be made from more sustainable materials such as Zeology tanned suede, biodegradable TPE and hemp fibres. 



The Zeology tanning system is based on the mineral zeolite and is chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free.


“This is a proof point of our strategy to “create a socially and environmentally leather value chain, together”. Puma, their leather supplier and Royal Smit & Zoon jointly created RE:SUEDE, and all involved parties contributed their part of the value proposition,” responds Hans W.J. van Haarst, CEO Smit & Zoon.


Read more: https://lnkd.in/dZRUACfP  

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