5 November 2021

UK Leather Industry Colleagues at Cop26

Karl Flowers – Technical Director of the Sustainable Leather Foundation posted this message on LinkedIn


From Sunday (7/11/21) till Friday (12/11/21), I will be attending the COP26 negotiations as a Blue Badge holder and observer to the negotiations. I will eagerly listen out for the discussion of the leather manifesto presented to the COP negotiators and how leather can be part of a plastic-free future. It will also be interesting to hear how we will help methane targets with measures taken in animal agriculture. I will not be kind to fossil in my discussions. I am there on behalf of the SeaTrust Institute (huge thanks to them for organising the badges) and Rotary International. 


Karl Flowers with SLF MD Deborah Taylor in Italy


Of course, I will be having lots of discussions. I will be attending a function with the Commonwealth Environment Minister and the UK Environment Minister and the Shekhar Mehta (the current RI President). Let me know what you want me to say to the negotiators and ministers – you know I will say it!


You can contact Karl by email: [email protected] with questions and suggestions for his visit to COP26 

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