2 November 2021

Automotive - Leather is great!

Nikki Gustafson from the City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa comments on Linkedin – simply put, leather looks great. It creates a classy appearance to any item or line, whether you’re seeking a modern or classic vibe; it never fails to impress. 



Leather’s ability to mix classic aesthetics with traditional techniques and still create a contemporary product sets it apart from other materials. Moreover, it’s not only long-lasting in a durability sense, but also in a fashion sense. 


Leather has never come out of style in upholstery. It will continue to look good for years to come and your line, whether they’re cars, airplanes or yachts will stay on-trend in the future. Leather is a real investment of practicality and style, making it a great investment financially.


A naturally tough material, leather really comes into its own with wear and tear. Its durability and breathability make it ideal for automobiles.


Many mass-manufactured, mass-produced and man-made fabrics seek to find a perfect finish. Leather, however, is a natural substance. This makes leather a unique material – raising the game for your car/ yacht/ airplane /sofa. 

關於亞太區皮革展 ​

我們為皮革、物料及時裝業界創造面對面洽談的機會,爲客戶締造實質商機。我們雲集世界各地的商家,讓他們尋找新的合作伙伴,發掘潛在客戶或供應商,並掌握業界最新發展。   我們主辦多個專注時尚及生活潮流的商貿展覽會, 為這不斷變化的行業,提供最全面的買家及參展商服務,方便他們了解急速轉變的行業環境,並預測來季趨勢。