21 September 2021

United States of America - Pandemic restrictions slow growth of retail imports

Growth in imports at the U.S.’ largest retail container ports has slipped from double to single digits as a result of continued pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, according to the National Retail Federation’s Global Port Tracker report, writes ILM.

U.S. ports covered by latest figures in the Global Port Tracker handled 2.19 million Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEU) in July, up 2% from June and 14.2% from the previous year. Though ports have yet to report August numbers, the tracker projects 2.27 million TEU, which would be up 7.8% year-over-year.

September is forecast at 2.21 million TEU, up 5.1% year-over-year; October at 2.19 million TEU, down 1.3% for the first year-over-year decline since July 2020; November at 2.13 million TEU, up 1.4%, and December at 2.07 million TEU, down 1.8%.

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