10 September 2021

United States of America - Goal to not waste a single hide

In an interview with the leather promotional campaign, Real Leather, Stay Different, Jay Jensen boss of the U.S. based Southwest Hide Company says his company’s goal is not to waste a single hide, reports ILM



The full interview can be found here where Jensen outlines his passion for the industry and how his company is looking to help small ranchers preserve and turn their hides into valuable leather items. 


Jensen’s company, the Southwest Hide Co, operates almost as a cooperative for small ranches and cattle processors across the west of the US. Essentially, they do the hard work, covering thousands of miles between suppliers, buying and collecting cow hides to sell on together at volume, saving them from disposal.


“We have five hide plants around the Western U.S. At this one plant, we just estimated for last year (2020), we missed out on about between 75,000 and 100,000 of those hides, which is about… It’s about 75 to 100 containers of hides that we would normally ship to China or Korea or Indonesia. 

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