14 September 2021

Sustainability – Italian leather and the last stages of its sustainable journey

Sustainability is a journey. A journey made up of stages that often resemble real turning points. And, at the same time, a journey that cannot be interrupted, must be pursued with perseverance, clear and, above all, concrete ideas.

The sustainable journey of Italian leather has started for decades and, in the last weeks and hours, has faced a couple of those turning points mentioned above. The first concerns the Ethical Claim subject of a webinar next Tuesday, September 14th. The second is the pact signed by UNIC – Italian Tanneries and ICEC with WWF. Report by La Conceria.

The sustainable journey of Italian leather


On Tuesday 14 September from 4 to 5.30 pm, on the Zoom platform, UNIC and ICEC will explain in detail the Ethical Claim that allows tanneries to put pen to paper one of the essential aspects of their business. In other words, the fact of recovering and ennobling the waste of another industry. In this case: food. The Claim in question clearly certifies, but necessarily, that “We recover our skins from the food chain “.  Click to register for UNIC webinar.

The deal with WWF


The turning point number 2 is dated yesterday, September 9, 2021. UNIC – Italian Tanneries and ICEC have signed an agreement with WWF (The World Wildlife Fund) by engaging in a program of initiatives “aimed at enhancing ESG practices ” (environmental, social and governance). In other words: they are committed to increasing the sustainability of the tanning industry. And to do it in an open, collaborative, science and data-based way.

The agreement concerns the fields of combating deforestation and traceability of raw materials. Not only that: also those of environmental protection and management of water resources. The sustainable journey of Italian leather, therefore, does not stop. On the contrary: it picks up speed.

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