6 October 2021

Pakistan - Footwear sector secures US$2.1m exports to Italy

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Italy, Jauhar Saleem, has announced new export orders worth US$2.1 million for footwear, during a visit to Italy of Pakistani delegates from the leather sector, reports ILM.


Saleem said: “One-third of all the leather production in EU takes place in Italy while both Italy and Pakistan are focusing on developing and strengthening linkages among the firms in the leather sector.”


The partnership between the two countries is key to promoting efficiency, innovation and competitiveness in Pakistan’s leather industry, he said, and Italian technical assistance has been invaluable in establishing the Pak-Italy Footwear Technology Training Center in Lahore.


The Ambassador continued to explain that international relationships like that between Pakistan and Italy are key to a recovery for the leather sector post-Covid. He also extended an invitation to the Italian Footwear Manufacturers Association (IFMA) and the Italian Tanners’ Association (UNIC) to send their delegations to Pakistan. 

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