14 September 2021

LWG Certification – PrimeAsia China Celebrates its 10th LWG Certification with Renewed Gold Rated Score

The new achievement highlights the company’s long track and approach to continuous environmental improvement. 



A founding member of the Leather Working Group, PrimeAsia is proud to renew the certification of its operating unit in China with another Gold rated result and 100% score for traceability.


Certified since 2006, PrimeAsia China has always used the Leather Working Group initiative as an integrated part of its environmental management plan, extracting from the protocol opportunities to further develop efficiencies, benchmark good practices and report its performance to the market in a transparent way.


“In our company, we believe that there is always space for further improvements. This result shows that the search for those opportunities continue to make us a better company. It is rewarding to see that even after 15 years of engaging with the certification, we continue to present better efficiencies in areas such as chemical management, water and energy usage”, commented Sergio Da Costa – PrimeAsia China Chief Operations Officer.


The positive result reflects a clear and continuous investment plan in human resources and technology. “We have just concluded the installation of a new automated dosing system in our retaining area and added new health and safety equipment across our unit, resulting in further enhancements in water, energy and chemical management, while ensuring the wellbeing of our team”, added PrimeAsia’s Chief Executive Officer, Jon Clark.


This is the second Gold rated award the company received this year, after its operation in Vietnam obtained the same recognition in the first Quarter.

The two operating units in Asia carry a combined capacity to make over 11 million square feet of leather per month, adding flexibility and speed to its Security of Supply strategy, positioning PrimeAsia as a leading supplier to global footwear brands.




PrimeAsia manufactures sustainable and innovative leathers for the global branded footwear, apparel and leather goods markets. PrimeAsia has two LWG Gold Rated tanneries located in Dong Guan, China and Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam. An extensive team of PrimeAsia sta­ff is dedicated to providing industry leading development and innovation both in terms of material and process. PrimeAsia also commits to engaging with its customers, employees and the communities in which it operates in a socio-environmental responsible and ethical manner. 

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