10 September 2021

Leathergoods - French heritage brand from 1754 to relaunch

Indian-born, Paris-based designer Ramesh Nair, an alumnus of luxury leathergoods houses Moynat and Hermès, among other high-end brands, is set to relaunch French heritage leather company Joseph Duclos (first established in 1754) in late September, reports Leatherbiz.

Joseph Duclos (1719-1764), a merchant and trader born in Toulouse, owned and operated the Manufacture Royale de Lectoure tannery, which secured royal warrants from King Louis XV for the quality of its leathers.

Pre-handbags, Mr Duclos’ leathers were highly coveted for furnishings and wall coverings, in addition to French military uniforms and footwear. The tannery ceased operations over 100 years ago.

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