17 September 2021

Environment - WWF endorses the Sustainable Leather Foundation

The Sustainable Leather Foundation is proud to have been endorsed by the Worldwide Fund and we are excited to work closely with WWF to continue making progress towards a sustainable future.

Our Managing Director, Deborah Taylor, explains “When really taking stock of the key concerns that affect the leather industry, it is vital that we work with NGOs, IGOs, external consultants, and our internal industry experts and organisations, in order to create the right environment for positive change. The way that WWF approaches relationship building for better outcomes is completely aligned with SLF’s approach and we are proud to have had Mauricio Bauer from WWF on our Advisory Board from day one.

This formal endorsement is an extension of that and we look forward to continuing this work together“.

Read the Endorsement statement below:
“The framework developed by the Sustainable Leather Foundation is a significant step forward in providing transparency and integration throughout the leather value chain. The Transparency Dashboard coupled with the web platform provides examples of simple yet effective tools to put a sustainability lens on the performance of leather stakeholders.

We believe that clarity and transparency are paramount to leather sustainability and the most effective way to achieve zero deforestation and conversion supply chains in critical geographies.

By enhancing transparency to material sourcing and aiming to address deforestation in an open, clear and user-friendly way, SLF is providing a substantial contribution to the leather sector as a whole.”

– Mauricio S. Bauer, WWF Senior Director, Beef & Leather Supply Chains

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