30 September 2021

Craftsmanship - Hermès opens training centre for leatherworking

French luxury giant Hermès has opened the École Hermès des savoir-faire (its apprenticeship training centre), within its leather workshop of Fitilieu, in Isère, reports Fashion Network




Accredited by the French National Education authority it’s the first in a series of developments that will mean all of the group’s leatherworking hubs across France, will eventually have their own training centres.


The company said the accreditation “is the acknowledgement of the house’s long-standing educational expertise in the transmission of its exceptional leatherwork know-how”.


The brand’s artisan-trainers provide skills training as well as guidance in preparing for and taking the CAP leatherworking exams.


The company has more than 90 artisan-trainers in its leather goods division and they accompany apprentices for more than a year and evaluate their training. 

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