27 October 2021

Sustainable Leather Foundation - Silvateam joins as Contributing Partner

The Italian chemical company, which produces sustainable tanning solution Ecotan, has joined the Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF) as a Contributing Partner, writes ILM



SLF Contributing Partners are organisations that support leather manufacturing without having direct input, such as support services, technology companies and training institutions. These work with the Foundation alongside Compliance Partners, who directly impact leather manufacturing, and Licensed Partners, comprised of brands, retailers and OEMs.


Deborah Taylor, Managing Director of the SLF, said: “Silvateam are another great example of an organisation that is driven to protect the long-term sustainability of the leather industry and we are really looking forward to having this forward-thinking team supporting the work of the Foundation, both through partnership and also through provision of expertise and input.”


She added that Silvateam will be working with the SLF on the next phase of its Transparency Dashboard to provide visibility on the work of chemical companies in the leather industry.


Alessandra Taccon, Project Director for Ecotan at Silvateam, added: “The partnership with SLF will trigger new opportunities to enhance the green culture of our industry and inspire the next steps in leather making while continuously improving our tanning formulations.” 

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