7 October 2021

New Hermès Stores opened - Inauguration of stores in Shenzhen (China) and Miami (USA)

Driven by its growth and international development, Hermès has made sustainable real estate a priority. For all of its living spaces, the company works with local partners and uses locally sourced materials.




As part of this approach, the renovation of the Miami store was carried out entirely with locally sourced materials. All the stakeholders in the project are local. 




For its second store opening in Shenzhen, Hermès worked with local craftsmen for the terrazzo floors and the curved glass, which was made by a Chinese company. The renovation work was carried out by companies based in the region.


The virtuous circle of sustainability thus extends to all Hermès locations, its factories, stores and offices, so that it can continue to create, manufacture and sell beautiful objects in beautiful places.



To find out more: https://lnkd.in/dm28uQ7a and https://lnkd.in/db3kPHFz  




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