15 October 2021

ILM Podcast - Tackling the choice to use plastic over leather

The latest episode from View from the Top, the ILM podcast series, delves into three articles from ILM columnist Dr Mike Redwood on the topic of leather versus plastic. The free-to-download and listen to episode is live now, and also available on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Podcasts.


Tom Hogarth – ILM Deputy Editor


In this edition, ILM Deputy Editor Tom Hogarth presents three articles from Dr Redwood on the choice of brands to use plastic materials over leather, the consequences of that choice, and how we should approach the issue as an industry.

The three articles are: Using anger wisely, There is a joker in town, and Nature hates waste, all published here on the International Leather Maker website.


To access the podcast, click on Plastic or Leather? 

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