21 October 2021

Automotive - Volkswagen doubles e-vehicle deliveries in Q3

Thanks to a significant market recovery in China, Volkswagen has reported doubling deliveries of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in Q3-2021, despite semiconductor shortages, writes ILM.

Deliveries were up to 122,100 in the third quarter, 109% up on 2020, with the share of total global deliveries rising to more than 6% for BEVs in the period.

The group saw 28,900 BEVs delivered to China in Q3, up from a total of 18,300 for the first half of the year.

Europe led the share of BEV deliveries by region for the year so far with 72%, while the U.S. sits at 9% of its global deliveries.

The top five BEV models in the nine-month period were:
•    Volkswagen ID.4 with 72,700 units
•    Volkswagen ID.3 with 52,700 units
•    Audi e-tron (incl. Sportback) with 36,100 units
•    Porsche Taycan (incl. Cross Turismo) with 28,600 units
•    ŠKODA Enyaq iV with 28,200 units.

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