27 March 2018

Best of APLF Awards 2018 – Winners of APLF Leather & Materials+

The winners of the Best of APLF Awards (BOAA) 2018 were announced during BOAA & Design-A-Bag Awards and Cocktail Party in the evening of 15 March 2018 during APLF fairs.


There were a total of 12 winners with 5 Fashion Access exhibits and 8 APLF Leather & Materials+ exhibits. Read on to find out about the well-deserved award winners for leather, materials and component.


Click here to find out the Fashion Access winner list.


APLF Materials+ Winners:

Best Fabric Collection
AJY Textile Mills
Country: India
Description: AJY Textiles take jacquards up another level with a high-end collection that offers a wide range of patterns, prints and colours suitable for upholstery and bags.


Best Component
Mei Jing (HK) Metal Mfy. Ltd
Country: Hong Kong
Description: Mei Jing’s components utilise an interesting mix of materials such as synthetic resin with natural wood and metals. Perfect for fashion accessories, buttons, bag accents among others.


Best Advance Performance Material
Jinjiang Long Kai Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd
Country: China
Description: Jinjiang Long Kai’s knit mesh fabrics have specific, applications-oriented properties that make them excellent materials for sportshoes.



APLF Leather Winners:

New Innovation for Staking Machines
Country: Italy
Description: Equitan has invented a new biconical elastic belts for staking machines that allows for the absence of pleating in the central area, homogenous staking, and guides belts securely and continuously with cylindrical rollers with the speed the same in both the center and sides. The result is a better quality leather.


Smart Upcycling of Waste Leather
TTannerie Pechdo
Country: France
Description: At Tannerie Pechdo, cow bellies which are usually gone to waste are upcycled and tanned into high-quality leather for garments and gloves.


Techno-Craft Award
Kinuya Co. Ltd.
Country: Japan
Description: Kinuya has taken a 600 year old tradition of “Tokushima Blue Leather” or Ai-zome leather where natural leather is individually immersed into natural indigo plant dyes by hand — and have succeeded in creating a very current and beautiful leather.

Best Fashion Leather Collection
AXA Leather Group
Country: India
Description:AXA has presented a wide yet cohesive range of leathers that are ideal for various fashion applications. Particular mention is given to their “woven” line of colorful and graphic leathers.


Best New Leather
Futura Leathers
Country: Italy
Description:Futura has created an interesting and bold line of leather for upholstery where prints and patterns are printed onto full cow skins by serigraphy, then the skin is heat-shrunk to create a brocade-like leather.


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