14 April 2016

Best of APLF Awards 2016 – Winners of APLF Leather & Materials+

The winners of the Best of APLF Awards (BOAA) March 2016 were announced during BOAA Cocktail Party in the evening of 31 March 2016 during APLF fairs.

There were a total of 11 winners with 4 Fashion Access exhibits and 7 APLF – MM&T exhibits. Read on to find out about the well-deserved award winners for leather, materials and component.


Click here to find out the Fashion Access winner list.


BOAA Best Natural Material
Company: Hong Kong Info International Trade Co., Limited
Country: Hong Kong
Winning category: Best Natural Material
Description: For giving cork a new, more contemporary fashion look with lacy cutouts, or mixed with fabric to create an almost textile effect

BOAA Best Fashion Component
Company: Keen Ching Industrial Co., Ltd
Country: Taiwan
Winning category: Best Fashion Component
Description: For their extensive range of fashion zippers that crossover from garments, to bags to leathergoods; in particular, their new line of zippers with heat-sealing ribbons.

BOAA Best Leather Component
Company: Edicate Button & Garment Accessories Manufactory Ltd.
Country: Hong Kong
Winning category: Best Leather Component
Description: For their line of bag, leathergoods and garments accessories that present a new link and the great potential between leather and components.

BOAA Best Natural Leather
Company: Megisserie Raynaud Jeune
Country: France
Winning category: Best Natural Leather
Description: For keeping leather authentic and natural; modernising old techniques to create leather that is contemporary yet retaining its natural characteristics.

BOAA Best Leather
Company: AXA Leather Group
Country: India
Winning category: Best Leather
Description: For Luxury for its classic and sophisticated collection of aniline leathers that could very well serve as signature leathers for luxury brands, with its deep colours and beautiful finishes.

BOAA Best Fashion Leather
 Çetinkaya Kürk Deri Konfeksiyon Tarım San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Country: Turkey
Winning category: Best Fashion Leather
Description: For its innovative collection of leathers that proposes many fashion applications with
sporty, urban themes.


BOAA Best New Leather
Country: Germany
Winning category: Best New Leather
Description: For its stingray finish on splits that is multi-sensorial, combining colourful optical effects and great tactility.

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