21 December 2021

We started our activities in 1941 in the city of Estância Velha/RS, with the objective of providing acacia-negra vegetable tannin to the tanneries of the region.

In these 80 years of operation, we have developed numerous natural solutions from the research and specialization work of our raw material.

Our business is based on respect for the environment and for all people. And it is thanks to them that we can maintain high quality standards. With this unparalleled cooperation is that we will move on, always forward, and without limits, working to produce an even better future.

Want to know more about our history and what motivates us? Visit our website, watch the manifesto video and see what moves us to seek a better and more sustainable future.

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我们主办多个专注时尚及生活潮流的商贸展览会, 为这不断变化的行业,提供最全面的买家及参展商服务,方便他们了解急速转变的行业环境,并预测来季趋势。