Federico Roth

Management Board Member

Leather Naturally

Federico Roth is the senior director for global business at Youngil Leather. He has applied his economic and international trade academic background to the leather industry business for the last 25 years. He is originally from Argentina though spending most of his professional life abroad, living in different countries like Taiwan, the UK and China.


Federico worked at environmentally conscious tanneries and brands like Sadesa and Adidas, as well as industry organizations such as LWG and he is currently a management board member at Leather Naturally.


He is passionate about leather and loves it.  Leather is beautiful and noble, modern, and classic. Leather has been part of humanity for thousands of years and will continue to accompany us for many more to come. He hopes that he can transmit some of his feelings towards leather to you during the presentation.

Federico Roth's Sessions
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