It is hard to imagine living in a world without fashion. Clothes and accessories whether they are made of textiles or leather provide comfort and protection, and for many represent an essential expression of individuality. The fashion industry is also a significant sector in the global economy, generating revenue and providing employment for hundreds of millions around the world.

But it is also a major source of pollution as well as of labor abuse.  

At APLF we want to change that and we are committed to help redesign fashion’s future. 

-    By actively rewarding and endorsing exhibitors who incorporate sustainability in their core mandate.
-    By taking every opportunity to promote and provide education about sustainability. 
-    By making best-practice cases available and including clear guidelines on implementation.
-    By telling and promoting the real-life stories of our exhibitors and their journey toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ethical business practices. 

In order to achieve this goal APLF has gathered a committee of experts in their respective field to guide us and help us elaborate a Manifesto declaring our intentions, motives, and views about sustainability.   

Stay tuned and visit this page regularly to keep up with APLF’s initiatives.