23 February 2023

Top-Notched L.E.D. Project Designers Coming Back to APLF 2023 in Dubai

L.E.D. Project is the new collaborative initiative of APLF, with the primary aim to connect fellow independent, talented Designers with APLF Leather Exhibitors. As the very first edition of the project, APLF has invited 7 remarkable top Asian designer brands to collaborate with APLF’s suppliers to produce a APLF edition of their unique pieces of leather handbags, which will be displayed in APLF in Dubai on 13-15 March 2023.

The list of participating L.E.D. Brands featured in APLF 2023, includes Bangkok Bootery, Marroque, Dash, La Mitra, Byo, Mynte, and Vera.

Bangkok Bootery, Thailand (Jiratot Tiranut)

With the long history of being in this business for 85 years, and their expertise in exotic skin and leather, Bangkok Bootery will certainly not disappoint us at APLF Dubai. Jiratot Tiranut, who is currently managing Bangkok Bootery promised to bring us their wide array of colours and unique leather goods.

They are working with Teampiel International, an Italian manufacturer of luxury finished leather.

Marroque, Thailand (Nannaphat Sirasitsiri)

To embrace the creativity of Thai designs and encompass sustainability, Marroque’s designer Nannaphat Sirasitsiri makes use of leftover leather to make bags that are noticeable, memorable, and eye-catching. While, promoting the significance of sustainability, Marroque wish to be the brand for Thai consumers to entrust on local designers’ ability and quality.

They are working with Fuga Couros, a Brazilian supplier specialising in bovine leather production.

Dash, Thailand (Nont Pongpairoj and Nuttida Kedjarun)


Taking a different approach from vivid colours and complex patterns, Nont Pongpairoj and Nuttida Kedjarun – designers of Dash seeks to stand out with their minimalistic aesthetic. “As life gets complicated, we naturally seek out simpler things.” Their design is created to have a much neater and sharper look, through infusing simplicity in their design, they wish to help make life easier and less complicated for their customers.


Dash is working with Megisserie Raynaud Jeune, a French tannery focusing on sheepskin production.

La Mitra, Thailand (Kawalee Wu)


Celebrating the ancestry of indigenous culture, Kawalee Wu – designer of La Mitra set up her own leather goods brand using the cross-stitching technique she learnt from Akha hilltribe people during a volunteer. The technique has later become their very own signature feature in all leather goods of the La Mitra brand.


La Mitra is working with Megisserie Bodin-Joyeux, a French tannery which produces a wide range of colours of lambskin.

Byo, Indonesia (Tommy Ambiyo)


Taking a step into the future, Tommy Ambiyo – designer of Byo presents to you all his latest series of handbags that gives off a hint of futuristic elements and cultivate strongly on sustainability. Taking inspiration from science fiction, his experimental designs incorporate leftover leather, machine cut PVC, latex, and the bag itself would be woven together by hand without stitching or glue.

Byo is working with Tannerie Remy Carriat, a French leather manufacturer of quality leather for use in handbags, shoes, saddles and upholstery.

Mynte, Thailand (Nichapa Jitsangbook)


Practicality plays an essential part in all consumer goods. Nichapa Jitsangbook – the designer of Mynte aims to create a series of leather goods that are beautiful and noticeable, while being practical at the same time.


They are working with AP Muller, a Brazilian manufacturer of quality cowhides and finished leather.

Vera, Thailand (Vilaiporn Sirinapapant)


Bringing practicality to another level, Vilaiporn Sirinapapant – the designer of Vera created her handbag designs that adopt versatility and functionality as her two preliminary goals. With unique designs on the outside, the small size bags were packed with maximum functionality to fit as many things as possible on the inside.


They are working with Baldereschi, an Italian tannery of sustainable and high quality embossed leather, novelties, exotics for handbags, footwear and ready to wear.

All the 7 brands will display the specially made leather bag at the Designer Area during APLF 2023 in Dubai. To witness exceptional uniqueness and potent innovation manifested by the designers, save the date on 13- 15 March 2023 to visit this prime leather exhibition.

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