3 January 2022

Ten years ago, Greenpeace launched the Detox campaign, challenging big fashion companies to be the first clean water leaders by partnering with their suppliers and removing all toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting chemicals from their products and production processes. Adidas, Puma, H&M, Inditex among others accepted Detox’s commitment to safer chemicals.



The first step taken by the companies that signed the Detox commitment was to establish a black list of hazardous chemicals (the MRSL, List of Restricted Substances for Manufacture) prohibited at all stages of manufacturing, including ambitious disposal deadlines and target levels to be achieved in wastewater. In addition, the creation of ZDHC (Zero Discharges of Hazardous Chemicals) has led to different programs and solutions to help the industry transform its value chains.

Lamirsa wants to be part of the vision of the ZDHC program to ensure the implementation of sustainable chemistry, promote innovations and best practices in the textile, clothing and footwear industries to protect consumers, workers and the environment.

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