18 March 2019

Best of APLF Awards 2019 – Winners of APLF Leather & Materials+

The winners of the Best of APLF Awards (BOAA) 2019 were announced during BOAA & Design-A-Bag Awards and Cocktail Party in the evening of 14 March 2019 during APLF fairs.


There were a total of 15 winners with 5 Fashion Access exhibits and 10 APLF Leather & Materials+ exhibits. Read on to find out about the well-deserved award winners for leather, materials and component.


Click here to find out the Fashion Access winner list.


APLF Materials+ Winners:


Best Shoe Component 
Company: Jo-Wellah Enterprise 

Country: Taiwan 
Description: Jo-Wellah is best known for their woven uppers, offering a multitude of designs and colours.


Best Synthetic Material
Company: Jinjiang Chengzhang Shoes Material Co Ltd

Country: China 
Description: Their advanced performance webbing material are highly fashionable in their designs, and are ideal for athletic applications.


Best Sustainable Material Collection
Company: Ecomax Textile Co Ltd 

Country: Taiwan
Description: Their use of RPET, jute and other recycled and sustainable materials as well as eco-ink for printing, is in line with their strong commitment to sustainability.


Best Natural Material
Nova Kaeru Exotic Leathers
Country: Brazil 
Description: Their Be-Leaf material is made from the Elephant Ear plant which grows freely in tropical forests and may be applied to the production of shoes and bags.


Best Component
Clic Srl 
Country: Italy  
Description: Clic’s high-quality metal component collection is classic yet at the same time, fashion-forward. They are very innovative in their mix of metal and leather, the use of etching, and their sense of balance and form is exceptional. 

Advanced Process for Leather 
L’Officina Srl  
Country: Italy  
Description: The company has developed a new process that allows chrome-free leather to be completely heat-sealed making products like goose-filled leather pillows  possible.


Sustainable Solutions for Leather Tanning 
Country: France  
Description: SCRD’s Retan HN is a formulation of renewable vegetable tannins from leaves and fruits of trees. These vegetable tannins give an exceptional performance in tanning and retanning, and under high heat and light


APLF Leather Winners:


Best Fashion Leather 
Company: Italhide Spa 

Country: Italy
Description: Their collection using various exotic leather like pirarucu, boast of beautiful coloring and wonderful textures that create a truly fashion feel. 


Best New Leather 
Company: Soydan A.S.

Country: Turkey 
Description: This is a very difficult process adapted from textiles where dyeing is done in 2 stages, to create a middle color that is distinct from the exterior colour. The leather is then bladed or perforated to show the sandwich effect. 


New Tanning Technology
Company: Ger Elettronica Srl 
Country: Italy
Description: This is for their Iris In Line System for Colour Quality Control. The benefits Iris are the continuous and constant control of the colour during  production, the absence of derivable errors, improved leather quality and cost reduction, among others.


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