11 July 2024

Leather Naturally - New Communications Appointment

We’re thrilled to announce that @Alexa Rosatti has joined the Leather Naturally Management Board!

Alexa will lead the Communications Team, filling the role from departing board member @Spahr Claudia.

Alexa has worked as the Coordinator for Global Communications and Marketing at @JBS Couros in Brazil since 2021. She also has experience as a journalist, in press agencies and in marketing for multinational conglomerates.

@Debbie Burton, Chair of the Leather Naturally Management Board said: “We are thrilled that Alexa is joining the team and thank JBS Couros for supporting her in this role. Leather Naturally exists due to the passion of its volunteer board and as we welcome Alexa, we also say farewell, and a sincere thank you to outgoing Communications lead, Claudia Spahr and TFL for her time, her dedication and her inspiration over the past six years.”

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