9 July 2024

Europe - Regional focus for new skills initiative

The main representative bodies in the European Union of leather (COTANCE), footwear (CEC) and textiles (Euratex) will work with industry, education providers and public-sector organisation to launch new, regional-focused training initiatives. By Leatherbiz.

In total, stakeholders in 25 regions across Europe that have a strong concentration of these three industries will take part.

The new initiative, TCLF SkillBridge, is co-financed by the European Commission. It will aim to form regional skills partnerships that will engender specific action plans for reskilling and upskilling workers.

Project partners met in Brussels on July 5 to launch TCLF SkillBridge. Afterwards, COTANCE secretary general, Gustavo Gonza´lez-Quijano, said he wanted the project to lead, through education, to “higher levels of sustainability and competitiveness” in Europe’s leather, footwear and textiles sectors.

He added: “We are united in our mission to drive the EU leather, textiles, clothing, and footwear sectors towards a greener, more resilient and innovative future.”

His counterpart at CEC, Carmen Arias, said: “By investing in education and training that align with regions’ economic priorities, policymakers can ensure that workers have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the evolving labour market. CEC will continue helping these industries build a competitive advantage and position themselves in the global market.”

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