5 July 2024

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence: Boots boost while we wait for elegance

Our latest Market Intelligence newsletter went live on July 2. This time, the report sounds a hopeful note. By Leatherbiz.

It says the chances of a return for leather are “probably greater than they have ever been in the last ten years”. The basis for this is talk among fashion experts that people have had enough of constant casual wear and that “a significant turnaround”, with a new preference for elegance, is likely.

This could, and should, also mean a return to better, more elegant leather shoes, and Market Intelligence urges footwear manufacturers and brands not to miss out on this opportunity. They should embrace this potential trend and prepare for it with interesting designs and suggestions, the report says.

If there is not yet a return to more elegant outfits, then the existing trend towards ‘western style’ (thanks to Beyoncé and others) should at least be of benefit while we wait. Many young people have begun to wear vintage boots of the seventies and eighties, or new boots in the same style.

Alongside retro trainers, this is another huge opportunity for the shoe industry to make greater use of leather again.

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