26 June 2024

Dani signs UN Global Compact Network Italy manifesto

Italian tanning group Dani has signed the UN Global Compact Network Italy manifesto “Businesses for People and Society”. By ILM.

The company said that signing the manifesto is a pledge to strengthen social aspects of its sustainability plans.

More than 20,000 companies and 3,500 non-profits are part of the UN Global Compact, which is based in 167 countries with 62 local networks like UN Global Compact Network Italy.

CEO Giancarlo Dani said: “We are really proud to have joined the manifesto promoted by the United Nations. It is a step that adds a further step to the important commitments made in terms of social sustainability.

“Efficient people management is an essential factor for Dani, which allows us not only to continue a journey towards sustainability undertaken for years, but also to guarantee our company practices that promote values and contribute to the continuous improvement of our company system.”

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