24 June 2024

Leather Naturally - Mulberry Exchange

When @Vogue a brand in the spotlight for sustainability – that’s got to be the best story. And right now, @Mulberry is feeling the glow!

We’re loving this Summer’s ‘must have’. Pre-loved Mulberry™ leather bags are this season’s essential arm candy according to the Vogue vintage fashion experts.

In 2020 the brand launched Mulberry Exchange, a circular service that allows customers to swap their bags in return for credit towards a new piece. Traded bags re-sell via the Mulberry Pre-Loved site and sales have doubled in the last 12 months – notably due to GenZ demand.

From tan totes to petrol blue leather satchels – all the classic Mulberry iconic bags on the site including the Bayswater, Lilly and and Alexa. According to Mulberry’s chief marketing officer Simon Gresham Jones, archival styles including the Roxanne and Somerset have risen in popularity over the past year.

Perhaps they’re capturing the imagination of a new generation, looking back with nostalgia and embracing the beauty of used leather.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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