19 June 2024

Research - Tests show that vegan materials do not biodegrade, whereas genuine leather does

Brett Mathews, Editor @ Apparel Insider, writes on LinkedIn, that vEGAN’ LEATHERS FAIL TO DECOMPOSE IN ISO TESTS: New Turkish research found genuine bovine leather composted completely in just over one month while new ‘vegan’ alternatives failed to decompose at all.

The study compared the composting properties of genuine leather with two plant-based alternatives – Piñatex (derived from pineapple leaf fibres) and Desserto (made from cactus fibres).

Piñatex, and Desserto showed “no significant signs of decomposition.” The study authors attribute this to the presence of non-biodegradable components such as PU and PVC (who would have thought it?

Genuine leathers decomposed in between 21 an 35 days, depending on how they were treated.

The fashion industry has sought alternatives to genuine leather in recent years, ostensibly for environmental reasons.

However, with the vast majority of these alternatives held together by plastic, considerations about end of life issues must surely come into the equation for brands and retailers.

Our story here: https://lnkd.in/eY3APraj

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