14 June 2024

Facts about leather versus pleather and vegan

At Leather Naturally, we are committed to sharing simple facts. Helping everyone understand leather, from the way it’s made to its impact on the environment.

In fact, our campaign, Leather Truthfully focused on 4 simple truths about leather making. And in doing so, we attracted a great deal of media support including Vogue, Forbes, Monocle and The Business of Fashion to name a few. All shared balanced and factual truths about leather making. We applaud those journalists.

Last week Allyson Chiu from The Washington Post also wrote a well rounded and informed article comparing the perceived benefits of vegan leather vs natural leather. https://wapo.st/3VGG5tb.

She reported that some well known brands are still using the word ‘vegan leather’ suggesting a more sustainable consumer choice. But in her words, “it’s not as clear-cut as you might think”. Vegan leather is often a rebranding of “pleather’ or plastic leather, a synthetic fossil fuel based textile.

Whilst we support sustainable innovation in all industries – natural leather is still the most sustainable choice compared to synthetic alternatives. It lasts a very very long time, can be upcycled, recycled, repaired and repurposed – helping to keep it out of fashion landfill.

For more facts about leather and its impact on the planet, visit https://lnkd.in/e2tTGd4Q.

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