22 March 2024

Leather for classic fashion from Igualada tannery

Based in the industrial zone of Igualada, near Barcelona, in the Spanish province of Catalonia, the Miret tannery is no newcomer to the APLF leather fair in Hong Kong.

On Day 2 of the 2024 event, APLF spoke to the manager of the Miret tannery, Jep Pomes, who expressed his thoughts on the market for leather and the APLF event itself.

According to Mr. Pomes, the 2024 fair had showed good movement of visitors and he had seen various peers and customers who had visited his stand at the last fair held in Hong Kong, in 2019.

For Miret, demand for their leathers has been moderate to good since they produce leathers for bags and small leather goods, rather than for footwear that continues in the doldrums.

Asked what type of leather Miret produces which is aimed more at classic styles of leather goods rather than “top fashion”, Mr. Pomes state that their inspiration is guided largely by their customers, but they do some research and hold conversations with their collaborators about upcoming trends.

Geographically, demand was better in Asia than in Europe. And when asked if Miret would return to APLF next year, Mr. Pomes’ reply was a resounding “SI”!

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