22 March 2024

Anti-leather Agenda - Is it Leather on LinkedIn

Exposing the political agenda that is destroying the Leather Industry.

PETA, and environmental organizations have an agenda – convince the public that plant-based diets are the future – the only way to maintain a healthy, sustainable livelihood. Retailers and Brands are desperately trying to avoid the political backlash from these organizations that are spreading false information simply for their gain. We aren’t seeing a rise in vegan leather options because consumers want it. In fact, 82% of Americans and 89% of Chinese want to purchase leather seats for their next car, but they are met with a market that simply doesn’t offer it. In 2015, 32% of automotive and shoe products contained real leather, whereas in 2022, only 16% did. The Leather market was cut in half… Consumers Love Leather and the data proves it. Why do Retailers not go off the data? The consumer demand for real leather didn’t decrease, but the available products with real leather did. Why is that? Big Oil influence.

With the misuse of sustainable metrics such as the carbon footprint, and the promise of a recycled future, the general consumer is eager to make change and do right by our environment. They buy more vegan because they’re told it will save the world for their grandchildren. There’s actually a marketing term for this creative yet deceptive strategy: puffery. It’s their “revolutionary” secret ingredient.

How can a product that comes from a renewable resource, uses the by-product from another industry, and can degrade over time back to nature, not be sustainable? 52% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for real leather but are denied it when shopping – and it is about time that they get the truth. Real leather needs to be an option available to the masses, not only because it is a luxurious, long-lasting, natural product – but because it is a symbol of our past that must be brought into the future. Natural, real products are not destroying our environment; Big Oil is – and they cover it up by attempting to destroy the reputation of age-old industries.

Big Oil can try its best to deceive us, but consumers inherently know what they love – and it is sustainable; it is REAL LEATHER.

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