19 March 2024

Wet Salted Hides from Argentina

Azul Natural Beef is a first-time exhibitor at APLF Leather and offers wet salted hides which are a by-product of its primary business which is beef production, sales, and exports.

As a company, the point of differentiation from competitors is vertical integration, with 60% of cattle raised on company properties and the other 40% coming from approved suppliers. This guarantees 100% traceability and ensures full control over every step in the production process.

The company specializes in Aberdeen Angus and British breeds with emphasis being placed on animal husbandry, no antibiotics used for disease prevention and the animals are grass-fed on pristine pastures on the pampas. This ensures top quality cuts of beef and hides.

Argentina is now more competitive when exporting wet salted hides after punitive export taxes were dropped. This has opened a fresh export product for Azul Natural Beef and Sergio de Vito is ready to attend customer enquiries on stand number 3c-F05 on Level 3.

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