6 February 2024

Tour to search for LVMH talent kicks off in Paris

Luxury group LVMH launched its 2024 Métiers d’Excellence (ME) tour in Paris on January 31, attracting 3,000 job-seekers to the Carreau du Temple, a former covered market, in Le Marais, writes Leatherbiz.

The group launched this tour, which it calls ‘You and ME’, in 2022. Its aim is to raise awareness of the training and employment opportunities that LVMH can offer, including openings for new-generation leather artisans.

In total, the group has said it aims to recruit 3,500 people for jobs across 280 Métiers d’Excellence (highly skilled areas of craftsmanship) this year.

After Paris, the tour will go to Orléans and Clichy-sous-Bois in February, and then to Reims and Lyon in March.

It will then continue with visits to three Italian cities in April in May. LVMH has not yet confirmed the Italian legs of the 2024 You and ME tour, but last year it held events in Florence, Novara and Padua.

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